I believe that there are things called Fate. Destiny.
Things that are bound to happen. No matter what. Things we have no control over. Things that are predetermined. Inevitable things. Big big picture things.

I also believe that there is always a choice. The free will. The act of taking a plunge. The will to explore those roads less traveled.

None of it might ever make any sense. And they probably don’t have to, anyway. Like the most of us, I walk on. But wandering does not stop me wondering.

I have met people. People I’d rather not meet. People I wished I had met sooner. We are just bound to meet. Bumping up to each other no matter what. Despite my Choices.
The inevitable.

What about the free will. The choices I think I always have.
Or am I being led to believe that there is. Was it ever?
As a parent, I wanted my 7 year old son to become someone who knows what he really wanted. Someone who will not let others decide for him.
Understanding that one actually has choices, recognizing the options, and making a decision are tough stuff  to teach.
So I simply encourage my boy to know what he wanted Most. To Choose.
I create an illusion of Having Choices. I lay the options for him.
Like this one time when I didn’t want him to spend too much time in the game arcade, I asked him to choose between hourly charged Playground or book store.
He choosed Playground. Happily.
Not just because he loved playing there, but because his mom was Not telling him to go to the playground. It was entirely up to him whether he wanted to play there or not.

What if that too happens in a much much bigger picture. That we are given simply an illusion of having a choice.
The options are after all predetermined. The inevitable is bound to happen no matter what.
Whatever I choose, no matter how far I deviate from whatever it is that is bound to happen, Fate will meet me at some point of my journey. My very journey. One I’d love to think that I have control over.

One thing I know, for sure. As a parent, I want my boy to choose good. To do good. To live. And not to be afraid.
So I guess in a let’s-look-at-the-big- picture spirit, instead of frustrating over such allegations of being ‘Tricked’ or ‘Trapped’, I choose to ask. What is My purpose in this road less traveled.
The big picture answer would simply be “To Live” and to touch the Life of other people. But It is entirely up to me to figure out How and Whose. Or not?

“We don’t always get to choose. Choose, anyway.
We don’t always have to know the answers. Ask, anyway”


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